The Word for World is Forest

Resilience: The ability to adjust to changes, bounce back from tragedy, and build a microcosm you can live in, and outside of, fluidly of free will.

Spirit + Body + Mind + Social

The unexamined life is not worth living, but it’s important to look at it from a perspective that works well for you.  Usually trying to have a positive outlook creates a happier, more functional and productive life.  There are always different ways of looking at situations.

There is a proverb about two wolves.  There is an angry wolf, and a peaceful wolf who are both struggling for power & resources to stay alive.  When asked which wolf won the competition – the response is: the one you feed.


Angels and Seraphim

Good and Evil

Praying – how and why

Who should Judge Who?

The Sermon on the Mount

Protective Prayers


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